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Electric Car Motor Show 6.-8.11.2009 in Helsinki

Electric Motor Show 2009 Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre 6-8 November 2009

Tesla and AMC Motors to power up the Electric Motor Show

The first-ever Electric Motor Show will get off to a big start in its inaugural year with US-based electric car maker Tesla Motors presenting its Roadster sports car at the fair. This electric American dream will be complemented by Finland’s own AMC Motors, which will be displaying its entire Sanifer electric car range at the fair.

Tesla was named after Nikola Tesla, the Croatian-born pioneer of electrical technology. The genius inventor later moved to America, where he registered no less than 112 patents, devel-oped the alternating current power system and was involved in the creation of early radio technology. For its part, the Tesla Roadster has already become a legend, both in the world of electrical cars and of sports vehicles. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 250 km/h and travel a distance of about 300 km without recharging its batteries, in addition to which the energy required to travel 100 km with it only costs about €3 – all of these figures are very impressive.

The Electric Motor Show is the first European electric vehicle exhibition at which the entire Sanifer range of electric cars will be displayed, after which these Finnish vehicles will be exhib-ited at the international auto shows of London, Paris and Geneva. The Sanifer L6e microcar can travel a distance of up to 100 km without recharging and achieve a maximum speed of 45 km/h – the upper limit allowed for such vehicles under the Finnish Road Traffic Act. The L7e Sport model is a so-called light quad-wheeler that can achieve a top speed of 100 km/h with its 15 kW engine. Tommi Mäkinen Racing, Black One Racing and the University of Oulu, among others, have been strongly involved in the development of the Sanifer range. The lithium bat-teries used by Sanifer are manufactured by Finnish company European Batteries Oy.

Popularity of two-wheeled electric vehicles also on the rise

Group orders of several hundred electric scooters in total have already been brought into the country and importers who earlier focused on petrol-powered scooters are now taking an ac-tive interest in these vehicles as well. Also on display at the fair will be the retro-style Janus and the more modern Gemini by Oulu-based company Resonate, while Cebotec Oy will be ex-hibiting its range of Gemoto electrical scooters.

Electrically assisted bicycles, pedelecs, are likewise becoming more and more popular and eight different pedelec models by Tampere-based manufacturer Salamapyörä will be on dis-play at the Electric Motor Show fair. Salamapyörä’s electric engine can assist cyclists to gain speeds of up to 25km/h over a maximum distance of 100 km.

Examples of converting old-technology automobiles into electric cars

The automobile side of the exhibition also includes a range of different conversions, i.e. inter-nal combustion engine cars that have been modified into electric cars. The eCorolla conversion project of the open source eCars Now! -community will be exhibited to the general public at the Electric Motor Show. The conversion plans for the displayed eCorolla will be made freely avail-able after the electric car is completed. The community’s aim is to enable mass conversions of the most popular car models at a competitive price and a reasonable delivery time. eCars Now! is a volunteer-based consumer movement that encourages car-buyers to adopt electric cars as well as promotes the creation of new business activities in this segment.

Expert discussions on new business opportunities and the car technologies of the future

A series of discussions is being planned for the event in which the focus will be on, for exam-ple, the opportunities electrically powered vehicles provide for industry and the creation of employment, the advantages and disadvantages of different energy forms as well as on what the revolution in automobile technology will mean to consumers. Other planned programme events include test drives of electric vehicles and eKarting demonstrations.

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