tiistai 18. toukokuuta 2010

Introducing Spotify Open and Unlimited

Otsikko ja alla oleva teksti ovat lainaus Spotifyn sivuilta.  Eli nyt luvassa Spotify ilman kutsua ilman kikkailuja!
May 18, 2010, 07:10
A few weeks back we released the next generation of Spotify and today we’re excited to offer you even more ways to get the most out of Spotify with the introduction of Spotify Open and Spotify Unlimited.
First up is Spotify Unlimited, which offers you round-the-clock, ad-free access to Spotify on your computer. Create playlists, build your own library, share music with friends - and all for only €5 a month.
Also available from today is Spotify Open. Open offers new Spotify users the chance to try out the service without the need for an invite, giving access to millions of tracks for up to 20 hours every month - that’s equivalent to listening to 25 albums or 300 tracks EVERY month!
So if you’ve got friends who haven’t managed to get an invite but have been dying to get on Spotify, let them know about Spotify Open.
We’re really excited to offer more choices for users and existing users who are happy with their current planwon’t be affected by these updates.
To view a full comparison of all the products that we now offer head over to the products overview page.
By Andres Sehr

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